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Washington DC Search Engine Optimization: Making The Most Of Your Website Through SEO

You can write the world's greatest novel and if nobody chooses to read it, is the novel really that great; that's similar to designing the best website on the Internet and if people do not visit it, it does not really matter. That is exactly where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play.

Washington DC Search Engine Optimization

By defining your website for the search engines, such as Google and Yahoo!, you make the presence of the website known and therefore allow users to find it when searching for a relevant term. For example, if you have an online bookstore and you use proper search engine optimization techniques to tell the search engines you sell books by specific authors or on specific topics, when a potential customer searches for somewhere that sells a certain book, your online bookstore's website will be returned.

One way to improve the ranking of your website is through links coming to your website from other websites. These are known as in-bound links, since they are driving traffic to your website from other places on the Internet. Out-bound links, or those websites you link to from your website, are important but not nearly as much as the in-bound links. However, Google and other search engines do not treat all links the same way, but more on the relevance to the website and the content on each of the websites. For example, an online book store that is linked to from a book publisher's website will provide more value for your website ranking than the publisher will receive from you linking to their website. Also, if you have links to your website generated by websites that are considered "spam" by Google, this will do nothing to improve your rating but rather may decrease your rating as well - especially if you provide and out-bound link to the spammy website as well.

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For more information on improving the search engine ranking of your business's website, contact the search engine optimization experts at Digital Assembly Line. Our full-service marketing firm based in Washington, DC provides search engine optimization campaigns for businesses of all sizes and in all markets. Serving customers in all of the Washington DC metro area as well as the Baltimore metro area, including the communities of Frederick, MD, Hagerstown, MD, Montgomery County, Silver Spring, MD, Sterling, VA and all of Washington DC, the Washington DC search engine optimization experts at DAL can improve your website ranking on all of the major search engines.